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Content Marketing For Aerospace & Defense

Over the past few years, you have probably heard of Content Marketing. It has steadily gained popularity and is now one of the most widely adopted marketing practices. In fact, according to a presentation given at Digital Annex University, content marketing accounts for 25-35% of total marketing budgets. While this may not be the case in the aviation industry, content marketing is on the rise and rightly so – especially now as our industry (a highly traditional marketing industry) has been forced to quickly adopt more digital methods due to a global pandemic.  Read more

How to leverage your website and make smarter marketing decisions

Ok ya’ll I am a TOTAL nerd when it comes to website data. Your website is a gold mine of information that can guide you to smarter marketing decisions and the best part – it doesn’t even need to be that complicated. Using just a few tools like Google Analytics, Gravity Forms and UTM Codes can give you a pretty good view.  Read more