Working with AERPower

Why Work With AERPOWER Aviation Marketing?

With a quick google search, you will find an abundance of Aerospace or Aviation marketing agencies competing for your business – making it hard to know which one is right for your company. At AERPOWER, we know that not all agencies are the same and similarly not all Aviation businesses will have the same needs.

The Right Fit For You

To help you determine if AERPOWER is a good fit, review the following key points about how we work and determine if that is what you want in a strategic partner:

We only accept a select number of clients at a time

We want to fully integrate with your team and focus on your needs. When we partner together, we become an extension of your team – helping you face your sales and marketing challenges and working to solve them.

Our main goal is sales enablement

Meaning, we want to get to the heart of your marketing before we worry about executing tactics. We spend time up front focusing on strategy and deep thinking about your specific audience and their needs.

We are consultants first and tacticians second

If you are strictly looking for designers and developers – we probably aren’t the best fit for you. We believe in assessing where you are with your marketing overall, seeing how that aligns with your business & sales and marketing goals, and then determining the best next steps. We don’t believe in jumping in to continue to do the same old tactics that are comfortable. We want to leverage strategy first, which helps us to evaluate existing tactics while reviewing others that may not have been considered to achieve our goals.

The Right Fit For Us

Similarly, we want to make sure you are a good fit for us as well. Here is what we look for in a client:

Marketing is valued

We understand that budgets can be a challenge and marketing is often the first budget cut. This is why strategy is critical. Keeping AERPOWER in the loop of the business as a whole, will help us drive better and stronger recommendations for your marketing and sales success.

dedicated marketing POC assigned to work with us

We want to help you get stuff done. In our experience we are most successful when we have a dedicated contact we can consistently communicate with.

A marketing budget is set aside

While we understand your budget may be tight. Having some funds set aside lets us know you value marketing. There are plenty of times when a client may not know what kind of budget to allocate, and we can help determine that as well.

Want to focus on strategy and solving the root of challenges (not just tactics)

If you are looking for a pair of hands, there are much cheaper options.

Want to make sales

This means you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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